The following process pulls all blood and plasma out of the tattoo, allowing for a smooth, relatively scab-free heal.

1. Remove plastic in one (1) hours time and wash with mild, fragrance-free soap.
2. Take a clean paper towel or washcloth and put towel under HOT water.
3. Apply moist HOT towel to tattoo. Hold in place until hot towel has gone cold.
4. Repeat eight (8) times.
5. Allow tattoo to air dry.
6. Apply a thin coat of Aquaphor ointment.
7. Use Aquaphor a few times a day for three (3) days. This keeps the tattoo moisturized.
8. After three (3) days of ointment, switch to a FRAGRANCE-FREE lotion.

*Some tattoos may require steps 2-6 morning and night up to three (3) days.*


-Shower as normal. No baths!
-No swimming or soaking!
-No picking or scratching!
-No sunbathing! No tanning beds!
-Under "normal" circumstances, the tattoo should be healed within two (2) weeks.

Signs & Symptoms of Infection

-Severe redness
-Tenderness of the procedure site
-Red streaks going from the procedure site towards the heart
-Elevated body temperature
-Purulent drainage from the procedure site
-Discharge from site may be green/yellow and foul in odor

*Contact the shop and seek immediate medical attention if any signs or symptoms of infection develop*


There is one (1) complimentary "normal" touch-up service provided after completion of all sessions for this tattoo. "Normal" is defined by healing inconsistencies that have occurred within the "normal" two (2) week healing period. Instances in which the complimentary touch-up service would be null and void are: soaking while healing, scratching or scratches, or fading due to excessive sun or tanning bed use. Changes made to the completed tattoo are considered a new tattoo and are totally separate from the original piece. Hourly rates will apply for any changes made to the completed tattoo. The complimentary touch-up service must be used within one (1) calendar year of the completion of the tattoo. Touch-up appointments will only be accepted Tuesday-Thursday on an appointment-only basis.