PEOPLE come into the shop and do good work, both for the clients they engage and for the shop as a whole. While some of these artists may be traveling through or otherwise working out of the shop for a limited time, they remain people we would like to support!

Sage Headshot.jpg


Sage is a wonderful tattoo artist whose work is clean, subtle, and bold. She loves pushing toward the finer stuff, creating incredibly clean and thin patterns, while she can pack sections better than most.

She is currently tattooing at Premium! Hit her up. You can find her work on Instagram: @WiseSageTattoo



Grant primarily goes for big and bold work, inspired by what we now call “traditional” tattoo aesthetics. He also works with clients such that he ends up producing work reflective of his client’s good taste, doing floral patterns, watercolor work, and much more.

He is currently tattooing in Redlands, CA at Empire Tattoo Studios, although he pays Premium a visit from time to time. You can find his work on Instagram: @hooliganz_art