PREMIUM ARTS—the umbrella under which Premium Tattoo thrives—is your friendly, neighborhood tattoo shop and has been creating the highest quality custom work since 2008. We strive to present the most comfortable and personable experience possible, treating each piece like the masterpiece you deserve.

Technique drives PREMIUM ARTS day in and day: making the best, most-true and beautiful work possible is our credo and our practice. Our storefront workshop in Oakland has the efficient feel of some kind of creative factory, where product and purpose are the order of the day – at once both Spartan and strangely baroque, like a well-tended yet wild garden. In addition to our original love, tattooing, our menu of products and services includes paintings and portraits by commission, graphic arts and brand consultation.

Husband and wife team, Matt and Hilary Decker opened PREMIUM ARTS in 2008. Since then, a number of genius artists have made PREMIUM ARTS their home including Lawrence Edwards, Bret Baumgart, Danielle Silva, Kiki Burghardt and Nick Wallin. PREMIUM TATTOO, as the shop used to be called, was voted “Best Tattoo Shop”by the East Bay Express readers for 2012 and 2013.

Matthew Decker has garnered a reputation over the past few decades of being able to reproduce any style or image with great proficiency. These days, he takes a creative stance in adding an original flare to each tattoo. Specializing in illustrative graphic-black work, his current portfolio is filled with with unique, illustrative motifs, making each work radiate with originality.